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UAE’s New Visa Rules Pave the Way Towards Development

The United Arab Emirates has always been at the forefront of innovation and transformation. As the country continuously works on developing new strategies to maintain its coveted regional and global position, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, announced new visa rules set to propel the country forward. The new 2022 UAE visa scheme, both for residents and visitors, was meticulously structured to attract young talents and skilled professionals to strengthen the UAE’s calibre and foster a competent and vigorous workforce.

The new UAE visa rules will be applicable on existing visas and newly issued ones as of September 2022. The scheme will offer a wide array of benefits for UAE residents, enabling them to sponsor their family members and remain in the nation six months after the visa's cancellation or expiry. Additionally, the sponsorship age is now 25 instead of 18, with no further age limits for unmarried daughters.

As for the visa 2022 scheme for new applicants, the changes will be as follows:

Green Visas

Green visas are 5-years-residency visas that will be granted to three types of residents: freelancers (self-employed individuals), investors and skilled workers without the need for a sponsor or employer. Other than the fact that the new UAE green visa’s duration is three years more than the last, holders of the green visa can enjoy a six-months grace period after its expiry or cancellation. And in a move to enhance familial ties, the UAE Cabinet announced that UAE green visa holders can bring their family to the country during the duration of their stay.

Visit Visas

The new model reflects a different, convenient and flexible approach that enables visitors to obtain a one-year visa without the need for a host nor a sponsorship. The entry requirements for this new multi-entry visa have become easier to navigate, further offering holders the chance to renew their visas for the same duration.

Additionally, the UAE has taken a first-of-its-kind step to leverage key professionals and fresh graduates by providing ‘exploration visas’ for both investors and talents who are looking to explore the UAE’s work field even if they don’t have a sponsor nor a host.

Golden Visas

The Golden Visa Scheme has witnessed substantial amendments to ease the process of registration and target a wider category of beneficiaries. The long-term 10-years-residency is now granted to investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, professionals, outstanding students and graduates and skilled talents. The new UAE golden visa scheme enables the holder to sponsor their family regardless of age as well as an unlimited number of domestic labourers. In case the holder of the golden visa dies, their family is eligible to remain in the UAE until their permit duration.

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