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Dubai’s Real Estate Market Blooms With Over USD 3.4 Billion Projects!

Dubai never fails to dazzle the world with its innovative appeal and scenic landscapes! This unmatched cosmopolitan Emirate has not only garnered global attention but has made its mark as one of the most popular cities to work and live in.

With more than 85% of its residents being expats, the government of Dubai has taken great strides in building a one-of-a-kind ecosystem to ensure residents and nationals feel at home.

From prime residential areas to breathtaking projects, Dubai keeps on paving a highway to growth one venture at a time!

The 2022 Real Estate Market

Following the widespread of the COVID-19 virus, Dubai shocked the world with its resources, strategies and vigorous capabilities as it quickly bounced back on its feet! Although affected by the pandemic, like all countries of the world. The Emirate has deployed its contingency plans, skyrocketing investments and cementing its position as a leading global market.

In 2022, Dubai witnessed the completion of 55 real estate projects worth more than USD 3 billion, marking its highest record of real estate transactions in a calendar year with a growth of 57% in number and 8% in value!

The 2023 Blueprint

Just a couple of days into the year, 2023 is already gearing up to be a robust chapter for Dubai. The real estate market is set to witness the ‘world’s strongest growth’ with 350 real estate projects in the works. The residential areas and the competitive prices are not just appealing to potential residents but to investors too. And with the surge in Dubai’s economy and the quality of its residential properties, the Emirate is motivating the public to become property owners rather than tenants, benefiting from the UAE’s quality of life, strategic location, tax incentives, multicultural ecosystem and more!

If you’re looking to move to a country that’s an intersection between the east and the west, an Emirate that’s perfect for business and leisure, then there’s no need to second guess. Begin your Dubai experience today!

Our team at The Way is famous for its knowledge of Dubai’s ins and outs, helping you find the right luxurious spot to call home! For more information about the services, catalogue and deals, contact our team via email or on our 24/7 WhatsApp, and we’ll get back to you in no time.

We at the Alben Group of Companies are here to help you capture moments and create invaluable experiences in Dubai!

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