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3 Tech Trends that Make Dubai the Epicentre of Innovation!

Boasting mind-blowing and cutting-edge innovations, Dubai continuously captures the heart without giving it back. And with its penchant for innovation and development, the Emirate is now reshaping traditional operations, bringing about a wave of change that makes the city unlike any other!

Read on to discover the recent tech trends that highlight Dubai’s innovative nature and place it at the forefront of the Middle East!

Innovation in transportation

In a remarkable feat, Dubai has managed to bring to fruition common visions for the future across its transportation sector: self-driving and flying cars.

In June of last year, Dubai revealed its plans to introduce AI taxis onto the city's streets by 2023, marking the latest step in its push towards a more connected, technologically advanced and sustainable future! The initial stage involved the Roads and Transport Authority’s LiDAR sensor and camera-rich vehicles, which served to ‘cloud-map’ the course of the roads in Dubai to successfully deploy the first AI fleet.

By 2030, 40,000 self-driving taxis are scheduled to operate on Dubai's roads while flying taxis are projected to populate the skies by 2026!

Innovation in retail

In 2017, Apple Inc revolutionised biometric authentication with the introduction of Face ID—the facial recognition feature first launched on its iPhone X. The convenience of this new technology inspired widespread adoption, now making it possible to even pay for your purchases through facial recognition technology!

In Dubai, Carrefour and Network International teamed up to create an efficient and hassle-free shopping experience so that shoppers never have to worry about forgetting their wallets. By registering through the Carrefour app or website, customers can activate the ‘face pay’ service and check out with nothing more than a smile!

Innovation in logistics

Aramex, the biggest courier company in the Middle East, completed its testing phase for the first-ever bot and drone delivery services. Set to enhance logistics through smart, sustainable and quick services, the drones are equipped with multidirectional sensors and a fleet management system that level up the standard for excellence in the courier industry, providing Aramex customers with a sustainable and exceptional service!

From futuristic technology to revolutionary ideas, there's always something new and exciting happening in Dubai. Eager to immerse yourself in the heart of innovation? Reach out to our team at The Alben Group of Companies to learn more about how you can be a part of this exciting journey!

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