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Here’s Why Businesses Eagerly Set Up Base in the UAE!

When setting up a business for the first time or opting to expand your current one, businessmen and women often question themselves about the right location. With an array of financial powerhouses around the world, the possibilities are endless—ultimately coming back to what benefits you are looking to reap and what opportunities you’re seeking to grasp.

To make it easier for you, we’ve rounded up key influential factors that make most business owners choose the United Arab Emirates as their business oasis without a second thought!


A prominent factor in a business’s long-term performance, location enables entities to attract the right clientele, draw in optimal talents and retain the best employees.

As a Middle Eastern business powerhouse, the UAE’s strategic position enables the country to enjoy close proximity to the world’s biggest markets! With 30% of the world a 4-hour flight away and 70% of the world an 8-hour flight away, the UAE has successfully built robust trade and diplomatic relationships worldwide!

Optimal Talents

The human element remains a driving force and immeasurable asset in the ever-progressing business spectrum. Aside from its location, the country’s tax incentives, both income and corporate, entice individuals from over 200 nationalities to move to the UAE and propel their careers forward! Businesses can access a multidisciplinary and dynamic workforce in the UAE, ultimately building the right team for their operations!

Tax Incentives

The UAE’s tax environment is as competitive as it is favourable for both employers and employees. It offers competitive wages at 0% income tax and retains a 0% corporate tax (until June 2023) with a minimal VAT rate of 5%. And if business owners happen to set up their businesses in one of the UAE’s free zones, they can also enjoy duty exemptions on imports and exports.

The Overall Business Environment

Ranked among the best places to work, the UAE is an open and diverse economy with thriving sectors such as technology, real estate, transportation and more. Adding a robust infrastructure and international trade facilities, the UAE has become home to a myriad of businesses from startups to multinationals!

Two of the main business advantages that draw entrepreneurs in, however, are the simplified setup process across the seven emirates and the 100% foreign ownership.

Have we convinced you yet? There’s nothing like setting up a base in the UAE and basking in the rich lineup of benefits the country has to offer! As one of the best places to work, and to live, the United Arab Emirates is a launchpad for growth and development, eager to welcome multidisciplinary businesses to its rich repertoire.

If you’re looking to set up operations or need help expanding your business, our team is eager to assist you in planting your roots in the UAE! Visit our website or contact us at to begin your journey!

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