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From a UAE Business to a UAE Household: Capture Real Estate Opportunities Through Your Company!

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

The UAE has always been a priced Middle Eastern gem. A perfect blend of eastern and western culture, and one of the safest countries in the world, this utopia that is well-known for being a vision of the future packs an array of opportunities for every type of investor.

If you've already planted your roots in the UAE and captured its prolific business possibilities, then maybe it’s time you kick it up a notch. Secure even more enticing opportunities by owning property in any of the seven emirates and live the luxurious and seamless Emirati experience!

Breaking down property ownership

In a nutshell, both nationals and foreigners are eligible to purchase property in the UAE—even more so when they have established a national business. However, there is a certain set of requirements to keep in mind before putting your plans into effect.

While UAE nationals are entitled to own real estate properties across all seven emirates, foreigners can only purchase properties in designated areas. These properties are called freehold properties, which you can purchase as an individual or via a company licence.

In-depth insights for non-national investors

If you’re a foreigner with a UAE business, two types of licences can be used when purchasing property. These two licences are based on the nature of your company formation, defined as either Offshore, Onshore or Free Zone.

If you hold a(n)…

  • Offshore company licence: You are only eligible to own a freehold property in RAKICC or Jebel Ali Free Zone Area

  • Onshore company licence: You are eligible to own properties in freehold areas

  • Free zone company licence (under the onshore licence): You are eligible to own property in the UAE Designated Areas

Benefits of owning property using a company licence:

Owning a UAE property through your company licence unlocks an extra set of benefits. Yes, you get to live in one of the safest, wealthiest and most prolific countries in the world, but the number of possibilities obtained from this particular venture stretches further!

Owning a property through your company predominantly helps you:

  • Maintain anonymity and protect your identity

  • Secure 100% ownership

  • Save on taxes

  • Get exempted from the sharia law of inheritance.

Are you ready to strategically invest in the UAE’s real estate sector and reap the benefits that come along with owning a property through your company? Do you want a team that will take care of all the hassle for you? Book a call with us or send us an email!

With The Alben Group of Companies, it’s never been easier to invest in the UAE!

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