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At the Heart of the Future: Welcome to Expo City Dubai!

When ‘Dubai’ and ‘Expo’ meet in the same sentence, we’re immediately taken back to the phenomenal, world-class event Expo Dubai 2020. An intersection between innovation and culture, the exceptional phenomenon has managed to garner over 24 million visitors from around the world. Even though Dubai ended the exposition on a high note a couple of months ago, it’s lively spirit and inclusive legacy lives on in Dubai’s newly-opened Expo City Dubai!

An insight into Expo City Dubai

Thriving on the grounds of Expo Dubai 2020, Expo City Dubai capitalises on the event’s vision of creating a creative platform that connects cultures together and roadmaps the future. A celebration of legacy and ambition, Expo City Dubai is an immersive venue with various attractions that are worth discovering.

Human-centric, sustainable and innovative

Regarded as the first 15 minutes city in the world, Expo City Dubai is a playground for major sustainable initiatives and AI-powered technologies. Built 15 minutes away from residents’ daily tasks, the city seeks to enrich people’s lives with knowledge, technology and utmost convenience.

What Expo City has to offer

Several pavilions will remain amongst the main City’s attractions while others will undergo development and be repurposed into cultural centres, restaurants, museums and more. In line with the directives of Dubai’s government and its sustainable strategies, Expo City will cover an area of 1083 acres, where residents and visitors will enjoy ten kilometres of cycle tracks, a five-kilometre jogging track and 45,000 square metres of gardens and parks.

Amongst the attractions that remained as part of Expo Dubai 2020’s legacy are: Alif, the mobility pavilion, Terra, the sustainability pavilion, the Surreal Water Feature and the Garden in the Sky. More pavilions will be opening soon, bringing back the celebration of diversity and cultural identity!

Why visit Expo City?

Expo City is a vibrant metropolis that’s rich in history, creativity, knowledge and human energy. A perfect destination for those that want to immerse themselves in the ambitious Emirati culture and vision, with its free activities and fairly-priced attractions, the City is a first look into the future and the strides the UAE is taking into expediting it.

An exceptional landscape of novelty and brilliance, Expo City Dubai is the perfect place to visit, explore and certainly live in! Deep dive into Expo City’s enticing allure and explore the visionary venue in all its grandeur!

Embark on a unique journey and plants your roots in the United Arab Emirates today by contacting our eclectic team of experts at the Alben Group of Companies!

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