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Where Luxury and History Collide: All The Way to the Nile River

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Basking in unique experiences like no other is a specialty and talent only a modicum possesses. The inherent ability to create splendid and sumptuous events requires a meticulous team of experts that go above and beyond to make the impossible happen.

At The Way, our focus is offering unparalleled moments for VIPs like yourself. We pave the way for ground-breaking events that are nothing short of the best. Whether you've got a vision or a flicker of an idea, our job is to bring to life an out-of-this-world creation that will set your event apart from others.

Sailing into luxury

For the exquisite birthday celebration of our The Alben Group Partner Arianna Tanganelli and public figure Mony Helal, The Way went all out to create an event that emphasises 'splendour'. Aboard the Historia Boutique Hotel Nile Cruise lay a 3-day birthday celebration encompassing rich history, frivolity and a multitude of faces from Dubai and around the globe. The event exemplifies a chance to relax and enjoy the ride, explore what lies beyond the UAE's boundaries and interact with prominent individuals from various industries and backgrounds.

A celebration unheard of before

With 4 decks, 218.2 floor length and 32 beautifully designed cabins aboard the Historia Boutique Hotel Nile Cruise, The Way has put in place a celebration one might expect to see in The Great Gatsby. Cue the lights, international DJs and three themed parties from May 6 to May 9.

The birthday celebration will be met with around 100 of participants (and still a long waiting list for last minute cancellations!), who will all bask in an experience that will forever remain engraved in their minds.

The trip across the Nile will enrich the celebration further, adding to the element of curiosity. The history rooted in every inch of Egypt will allow the party to gain further meaning and value, making it a not-so-typical festivity as much as it is an elevating and inspirational event in every sense of the word.

Networking opportunities

As luxury concierge is all about providing our high-end clients with the best prospects and possibilities, at The Way, we have worked on integrating networking opportunities among our long list of services.

With the celebration involving a list of VIPs, influencers and international figures, all attendees and guests will obtain the chance to share stories and interact with one another.

The networking prospects present an insightful exchange of ideas in a relaxed environment away from the atmosphere of the office, proving that fun, business and luxury play a powerful combination in inciting development prospects.

For those looking for unforgettable events not just within the borders of the Emirates, then The Way is the perfect destination you’re looking for. Our team of professional experts is ready to cater to your needs and create memorable events, no matter how small or large, that will go down in history. For more information about our luxury concierge services, book a call with us or email us at

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