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UAE: A Safe Haven in the Midst of Turmoil

The United Arab Emirates has long been regarded as a luxurious landmark and a beacon of hope in the middle east. Its regulatory environment, way of living and business laws have made it more than just a glitzy destination for leisure, marking it as a safe haven for those looking for a temporary, or permanent, nest to nurture them while they’re away from home.

As situations become dire and deplorable in certain countries, a myriad of individuals from various nationalities and ethnicities are finding refuge in the heart of the Emirates. And as a pioneering transformative environment, the UAE cements its unwavering promise of offering a home for all those who seek it.

What makes the UAE such a desirable destination?

From its laws to its innovative facilities, there are various reasons why individuals choose the UAE above any other nation.

Quick business setup

As we’ve previously covered, setting a business in the UAE is a relatively straightforward, particularly with the help of national experts. Once foreign investors have made their choice between Mainland, Free Zone and Offshore, the business setup won’t take long. Additionally, 30 days following the registration of their company, businesses will become eligible to open a bank account in leading UAE international banks.

Secured Wealth

The UAE understands the hard work individuals place into earning their money. Consequently, investors, employees or any individual who has moved from their native country to the heart of the Emirates are guaranteed easy access to their life’s savings and their wealth. Further, with the rules and regulations set in place, they can rest assured that their money is in safe hands.

Fewer visa restrictions

Known for its stance on humanitarian aid and belief, the UAE persists to push for a better world devoid of unfortunate economic and financial conditions. As a utopian milieu for its citizens, the nation has opened its doors to several citizens facing the repercussions of the war. With a new visa scheme soon to be rolled out, the United Arab Emirates fully opens its arms and doors, ready to welcome and embrace everyone seeking to replant their roots in a vigorous environment.

Trust and security

With privacy being a key pillar in operations and day-to-day activities, there’s nothing the nation trusts more. Any information and data shared with the government will be kept confidential and will not be shared beyond the UAE’s borders.

These are only some of the key points that make the UAE such a desired destination during conflict. For any company set up assistance or general enquiries about moving your business in the UAE, visit our website or contact us at, where our team of experts will be more than ready to assist you.

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