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The Group of Companies

In our previous post we gave a little introduction about The Alben Group of Companies and how its visionary projects have established themselves within the vivid Dubai business scene.

Here's a little more in-depth to all the different companies under the umbrella of The Alben Group:

Based in Dubai but operating globally, Alben Capital partners with high-net worth clients around the world looking to grow their portfolios and investments with a sustainable, predictable, secure and innovative approach.

Our mission is to help create wealth and greater freedom, which supports their lifestyle, larger vision to impact their communities, and the world.

We work with individuals, institutions, portfolio managers, independent brokers or consultants, who either have advisory capacity or discretionary power for funds between 20 to 250 million Euros or Dollars.

With over 5 years of proven results, BENIAL provides customized business and hands-on operational support for companies and individuals who are entering the UAE market right from company formation (onshore and offshore setup), residency visa applications, opening personal and corporate banking.

The Way is the concierge service for the partners and clients of The Alben Group of Companies. Through solidified partnerships developed over a decade, clients are able to access the most desirable destinations and experiences throughout Dubai, the UAE, and abroad.

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