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The FIFA World Cup Season Kicks off With Eager Eyes on the Middle East!

From the spectacular performances at the opening ceremony to the millions of FIFA fanatics that have crossed oceans to attend the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the phenomenon of the year is promising to be one for the books, particularly for the Middle East!

Aside from the honour of hosting this elite, diverse and memorable football tournament, the turnaround the World Cup has witnessed is expected to not only influence Qatar but the region altogether. And with the UAE being amongst the top countries on the Middle Eastern radar, those billions of fans making their way to Qatar’s stadiums are expected to head a little east to the UAE’s capital and enrich it with their presence!

Hospitality and Tourism

The World Cup has bolstered the UAE’s hospitality and tourism sector in different ways. On one hand, Emirati airlines have several flights lined up from and to Doha, Qatar, which enables fans to experience the Emirati promise of excellence and the high standards employed when caring for tourists.

On another, various hotels, restaurants, etc, in the UAE, and Dubai in particular have anticipated an influx of tourists that are taking advantage of their vacation to delve deeper into the Arabian culture. Since 5 billion people are expected to partake in the activities of the World Cup, the hospitality and tourism sector is estimated to significantly spike.

Businesses of All Sizes

After 51 years of innovation and development, the UAE is taking confident strides in maintaining its futuristic persona while proving that it’s more than an oil-based economy through its major advancements in knowledge, business, infrastructure and technology.

Since a lot of tourists are going to be visiting Dubai, there’s a higher weight on apps and websites. So, whether a tourist is looking to book a car or is browsing the best attractions in the Emirate, businesses can expect higher traffic. And for those entities that are looking to catch attention, you might want to invest in a solid digital marketing and advertising strategy to boost engagement and sales during this prolific period.

Major Exposure

They always say ‘show, don’t tell’, and we suppose it’s just that when it comes to Dubai. While the ‘City of the Future’ speaks for itself, the experience tourists receive when they immerse themselves in what Dubai has to offer is much more enticing than the one they hear about.

As a major hub for expats and tourists, the World Cup will generate further attention on the Middle East’s gem, boosting its economy and elevating its global status.

If you're eager to set up roots or visit the UAE, particularly its golden city Dubai, we’re here for you! Contact the Alben Group of Companies, and our multidisciplinary team will guide you in the right direction.

Explore the Middle East’s forward-thinking and ambitious city today!

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