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Summer Escapades to Remember and Team Active all Summer

The countdown has struck zero, and summer has officially begun. From the sizzling sun to the sound of crashing waves, there's nothing like a yearly summer escapade to kick back and relax.

As a luxury concierge business, we know all the ins and outs of a marvelous and unforgettable vacation, particularly in the heart of the Dubai Emirate.

Through our different verticals (constituted by The Way with our luxury concierge services, BENIAL with company formation and Alben Capital with investment opportunities), our extensive network has crossed the UAE borders to establish working hubs also in the following places. Hence, be it for investment opportunities, UAE company formation and business development enquiries or simply on-site luxury concierge services, our team is more than happy to meet and support you in all these locations.

Milan, Italy

Say Ciao to the capital of fashion and confidence! With our team, you won’t only walk down the illustrious streets of Milan, you’ll own the capital and turn it to your own runaway. Whether you’re planning a shopping spree, a visit to the remarkable Piazza del Duomo or a trip to the most luxurious spas and hotels, The Way’s sole mission is to cater to your every need!

Mexico City and Tulum, Mexico

Can you hear the sound of guitars playing in the distance? Well, the jolly streets of Mexico are never dull! Continuously alive with a wild ambiance and an array of musical numbers, the country is rich in people as it is in festivities. Indulge in the experience of a lifetime, and let us take you through Mexico's unique celebrations happening all summer long!

London, England

With England being the motherland of writing visionary and virtuoso, William Shakespeare, this regal country is here to inspire. With its luscious gardens and landscapes, evocative architecture and plethora of historic sites, England, and particularly, London, is the place to be for all those looking to explore the landmark of creativity and multicultural identity!


The island of Ibiza is every person’s dream, especially those who consider themselves the life of the party. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, aside from a swim in its famous beaches and a trip down the bustling streets, our team is ready to throw an exclusive and dynamic party at the heart of the island of festivities just for you!

Mykonos, Greece

Experience a taste of paradise in an island that's abundant with scenic views! Mykonos is not only famous for its beaches and white and blue buildings, it’s perfect for those lively souls that are craving memorable memories surrounded by colorful orange and red sunset hues.

With our international partners around the world, The Way’s luxury concierge team is ready to offer you the best experiences to bask in this summer!

Ready for the summer of a lifetime? Contact us to learn more!

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