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A Step Towards Greatness: As We Move Forward…

The countdown has begun, and a new season is fast approaching! As much as we love the summer vacations here in the UAE, and the way the sun’s rays add radiance to our luminous and scintillating nation, we’re looking forward to the upcoming season and the hustle and bustle it brings along!

With excitement sparking in every corner of our company, we’re eager to announce enticing news, upcoming developments and future endeavours that are just around the corner.

Garnering a new competitive edge

At the Alben Group of Companies, we strive for greatness in everything we do. Our consistent work, team’s diligent efforts and unwavering support from our clients and partners have bolstered our operations, enabling us to attain a prominent milestone in our careers.

That said, our enterprise is elated to announce that it has officially become a DIFC-regulated entity! This new milestone helped us acquire an honorary medal that we are proud to wear and share with our network.

Aiming to reshape the future

Continuing to develop our growth strategies and solutions, we have decided to relocate our operations and set up in one of the biggest and most prolific national free zones—DIFC!

A leading financial hub in the Middle Eastern market, setting up in DIFC matches our company’s vision for the future, as well as that of the UAE. At the Alben Group of Companies, we aim to cater to residents and investors in the optimal ways possible. Providing a rich experience that’s built on a vigorous foundation of change and growth, our unique solutions across all spectrums aim to introduce a new and riveting perspective of Dubai and the UAE.

Developing our solutions

To cater to every resident and investor, our company has identified several key areas of operations that match the needs of our clients. Whether you’re looking to increase your personal or business’s wealth, move to the UAE or simply invest in its real estate, or even indulge in the luxury and unforgettable experiences it has to offer, our divisions and teams are continuously working on providing the most seamless and memorable experience.

- Alben Capital offers a wide range of financial services, which serve to help you build a diversified and prolific financial portfolio and increase your wealth.

- Benial represents our advisory hub, aiding businesses in establishing their presence in the UAE and providing the needed assistance and capabilities to expedite development.

- The Way, our luxury concierge unit, caters to our Alben Group clients in more ways than one. Whether you’re looking to indulge in authentic and unforgettable Emirati experiences for the duration of your vacation, or retreat, or looking to make a permanent home out of Dubai, The Way is your go-to destination!

Antonio del Giudice, Founder of The Alben Group of Companies, is eager to step into the new season and takes the chance to thank all our partners and team members who stood by our side and helped us grow. Moving from where we are now, we’re looking forward to connecting with any new business or individual in our new hub at DIFC and developing alongside brilliant strategies and institutions.

If you’re looking for your next big venture, then you need only to contact us at, and we’ll be ready to guide you through the bustling streets and alleys of the nation of the future! Let’s change the world together.

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