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2022 Success Stories: The Top 3 Performing Sectors in Dubai

With a stellar track record of growth, no sector in Dubai doesn’t have a momentous success story. Aside from the UAE’s hospitable business environment, the city’s favourable laws and policies have provided a solid foundation for foreign businesses who chose the country as their new business hub.

Making great strides towards transforming the business ecosystem, Dubai has recorded a 5.9% increase in its GDP, in Q1 of 2022, following the government’s perpetual efforts at bringing the UAE to its pristine and glorious days before the unforeseeable events of the pandemic.

Meticulous safety measures, fiscal policies and a handful of tourists later, Dubai has recorded a great number of accomplishments across several sectors, bouncing back stronger than ever.

As a leading nation, and one of the first to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, here are the top performing UAE sectors in 2022!

1. Hospitality

A multicultural environment that readily welcomes everyone with open arms, Dubai is known to be a utopian and alluring experience thanks to its safe environment, scenic views and dynamic environment. In fact, we’re not surprised to find ‘Hospitality’ among the nation’s top performing sectors, especially after the success of Dubai’s Expo 2020, which transcended expectations and brought the world together in the nation of the future!

2. Transport

Innovation and novelty have always been a badge of honour the UAE has carried proudly. Aside from the nation’s strategic location, its meticulous efforts in building the best and highest quality infrastructure for its citizens and residents have enabled major advancements to surface and accelerate the sector’s growth. Today, Dubai enjoys a handful of transport services, both public and private, including bikes, buses, cars and AI taxis.

3. Storage

If we deconstruct the big picture, which in this case is the UAE, we can find a number of details that contributed to its charm and coveted reputation. This sector is a key player in the UAE’s economic and social development as well as the country’s international relationships. By keeping goods and supplies stored and readily available for distribution, the storage sector meets the community’s needs, providing it with the resources it requires to prosper.

As 2022 nears its last checkpoint and the new year approaches swiftly, we at the Alben Group of Companies admire the relentless efforts our leaders and governmental bodies have taken to transform the UAE into a thriving and booming powerhouse that’s going down in history!

If you’re interested in tapping into the Emirati business scene, irrespective of the sector, our multidisciplinary team is ready to help you set solid roots in Dubai and establish the successful business you aspire to build!

If you’re ready to reap the benefits the Dubai business scene offers, then contact us at, and we’ll be ready to help you reach for the stars!

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