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2022 Dubai's Business scene and The Alben Group of Companies

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Why does the world consider Dubai the favourite destination to start a business? This beautiful city is an active business hotspot with one of the largest ports in the world, connecting 140 ports across 6 continents.

The city also has a vibrant cosmopolitan culture where people from across the globe come to work and live for generations. This is a safe and politically stable city with 365 days of sunshine, 24/7 transportation access, a skilled workforce, world-class infrastructure, and a thriving business ecosystem, with almost 2.9 billion people within a 5-hour flight radius of Dubai.

All you need is a business mindset and a great idea to set up a business in Dubai. Ranked among the top 5 global cities for entrepreneurs, Dubai provides resources, infrastructure, transportation, consumers and, above all, a stable business environment in which to operate.

The UAE is among one of the safest countries in the world to do business. With low crime rates, zero political agitation and highly efficient police forces, Dubai is a very safe city, promising high standards of stability and security.

Global risk management companies have often quoted the country as the country with the highest security parameters in Asian and Pacific countries. All these factors contribute to the city being a perfect choice for business. You can set up your business in Dubai without a second thought due to its highly stable and secure environment.

Within this scenario of new expanding industries and a growing population of expats choosing Dubai as their residence and business hub, The Alben Group of Companies has strongly established itself in within the Dubai business network over the last 5 years, boasting now a combined team experience of more than 30 years.

Starting as a purely consulting and introductory business to financial institutions and high net-worth individuals, the Group quickly expanded into different verticals providing added value services to its customers.

Today, The Alben Group is active in the following verticals:

Wealth management (through Alben Capital)

- Access to investments (financial and commodities)

- Secure returns

- Portfolio analysis

- Broking complex deals

- Managing physical and digital assets

Establishing and managing your family corporate structure (through Benial)

- Legal structure (Onshore & Offshore Company Incorporation, Trust establishment, etc)

- Dubai Residency visa S


- Banking Assistance

- Business Development both locally and internationally

Lifestyle & Concierge (through The Way Luxury Concierge)

- Concierge services (renting villa, cars, yachts, corporate or private events and celebrations, traveling in style)

- Experiences in Dubai and abroad

- Luxury Watches

- Real Estate (Select/Damac)

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